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Stella Lunas

The Avanato family would like to thank the community and its loyal customers for their support over the years. We are especially grateful to all our wonderful employees and thank them for their hard work and dedication.

On August 25, 2019 we will be retiring and closing the doors of Stella Lunas.
Please come visit us soon to enjoy a fine meal and say good bye.


In 1892 the Market Street Train Station was erected to provide a resting place for passengers on their way to the towns and hamlets of upstate New York. In the year 2000, Vincenzo and Antonio Avanzato transformed the station into Stella Luna Stazione, an elegant stop for passengers on the rails of life.

Growing up in Oneonta, NY Vinne and Tony regularly passed by the Market Street Station. They admired the beautiful structure and dreamed of creating a restaurant that preserved the warmth and grace of the old train station. Architect Rick Eastman and his fine crew created Stella Luna Stazione from Tony and Vinne's sketches and ideas.

Through the doors of the Stella Luna, family and friends are transported to a quiet village in Italy. The first stop is an outdoor cafe where guests can gather and, if lucky, convince a fellow guest to sit at the piano for an impromptu show. In order to preserve the feel of open country air, the brothers have included a smoking lounge, the Tabbaccheria, to keep the restaurant smoke free. In the cigar room, frequent guests are welcomed to store their own cigars in a cigar humidor locker.

Across the hardwood bar, the Cantina displays hundreds of domestic and imported wines. The Avanzatos pride themselves in a sophisticated collection of vintages, all stored at a controlled cellar temperature. At the bar, guests are presented with an extensive selection of fine spirits, liqueurs, and beers from across the world.

Walking through the Piazza, or Town Square, visitors are invited to sit in the romantic grotto or the lofty Cortile. The Cortile, or Courtyard, has the feel of an Italian mountain top, with a celestial blue sky and streaking clouds covering the domed ceiling of the main dining area. Artist Kevin Hanlon captures the beauty of Tuscany's vineyards and villas through the tall inner windows. While guests dine "outdoors", they are occasionally caught in the middle of a bright show of thunder and lightening.

Stella Luna Ristorante also offers two additional dining areas. The Conferenza provides private dining for business meetings or family events of up to 30 people. The Banchetto accommodates up to 100 people with private bathroom facilities and a separate sound system. Hand painted roof tiles and Sicilian wicker baskets decorate the walls of the Banchetto, making it ideal for weddings and other special occasions.

In addition to fine dining, Stella Luna Stazione boasts an impressive array of Italian ingredients for sale in the Mercato, allowing guests to recreate the Tuscan dining experience in their own homes.

The Avanzatos take great pride in the completely modern kitchen at Stella Luna Ristorante. Traditional Antipasti, authentic house Risotto, and plenty of homemade dishes with a vaiety of sauces decorate the menu. Stella Luna specializes in fresh seafood, including the biggest seller to date, sea bass. Homemade lasagna with an authentic bechamel sauce and fresh pasta cannelloni provide the guests a bona fide taste of Italy. Desserts are prepared from recipes of Vinne's wife, Ruth Avanzato. Prices range from $8.95 to $19.95.

Perhaps most importantly, the service at Stella Luna Stazione is without compare. Guests are treated like family and friends to a cozy, fine dining experience.

The Avanzatos would like to invite everyone to join them at Stella Luna Stazione and hope that you enjoy your dining experience.

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Oneonta, A Place Before Time

Once a major meeting place for the Indians of the area, Oneonta's woodland paths and parks were also the highways of the Iroquois. Before the six nations of the Iroquois were meeting here, there were several cultures of Paleo-Indians who lived in the vicinity about 4,500 B.C.E. The Yager museum's American Indian Exhibit contains some 20,000 artifacts from the Nations of the Mohawks, Oneidas, Senecas and Tuscaroras, the main tribes settled here.

Willard E. Yager, a native of Oneonta, dedicated his life to studying and writing about Indian cultures and their history in the area. During the Revolutionary War, Otsego County was a battlefield between the Patriots, British, Loyalists and Indians. In 1779 General Clinton's Continental Army passed through the area following the Susquehanna from Lake Otsego to join up with General John Sullivan. As they traveled down the river, they destroyed most of the Indian settlements they encountered. The Indian strength in the region was severely weakened, and the area opened up to white settlements.

In 1775 John Vanderwerker built a log cabin at the present entrance to Neahwa Park and when he returned from the war, he built a saw mill and bridge on the Susquehanna in 1787. A man named Simeon Walling, who had passed through the area with General Clinton, returned and built a cabin on present day Main Street and Walling Streets, where the United Presbyterian Church stands.

More settlers came to the area, and by 1800 several log cabins has been built. In 1808, John McDonald built a second bridge, which replaced the Vanderwerker bridge and the small hamlet became known as McDonalds' Mills. McDonald opened a post office in 1817 at his tavern, and the settlement was officially named Milfordsville because it was the southern extension of Milford. Dr. Joseph Lindsey delivered mail on horse back on the Cooperstown-Milford-Delhi route.

The town was comprised mostly of German and Dutch settlers, and had a reputation for being a rough frontier town, and earned the nickname "Klipnockie", German for tavern brawl. Eventually, Oneonta, the Indian name meaning "place of open rocks", was chosen, probably referring to Table Rock overlooking Chestnut Street.

- Adapted from information obtained from the Otsego County Chamber of Commerce.

The staff of Stella Luna welcome you and hope you enjoy your meal!