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Throughout Stella Luna Stazione, you will notice various items, pictures, paintings and sculptures. Many people ask us about the origins and meanings of these many decorations. To help answer these many questions, we have begun to photograph and scan these items to display on this page. Below, you will notice some of these items.
Please feel free to peruse our decorations and descriptions. We hope that this will help you feel a little more comfortable when you visit our restaurant, as you will be more familiar with your surroundings. We will look forward to your visit in the near future. Please don't forget to pick up your Gift Cards.

This picture shows "Mama" Josephine Avanzato, with her bouncing baby boy, Antonio. Be sure to tell Tony that you enjoyed viewing his baby pictures on-line!

This oil painting of our father, "Diego Avanzato", who brought the whole family to
the USA in 1966. A refined tailor and a professional clarinet player. (1919-1998)

In Canicatti, Italy, Uncle Tony Giardina
weaves baskets for us to display at the
restaurant with the help of Giulia (the dog).
You will notice these handmade baskets
located throughout Stella Luna Stazione

This oil painting, depicting a street in Italy is painted by
Nadia Szervinski on a 17"x17" ceramic floor tile.

Our Cigar Room is adorned by this picture of a "Papa" Diego Avanzato in the Italian military during WWII at the age of 23.

The passage between our Grotto Area and our Cortile is adorned by a window, complete with a floral arraingment. Typical of what you would see hanging from a window along any given street in Italy.