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Fast Food at Home: Fast Quesadilla Recipe

When you want to make a simple, creative, flavorful dish for your family in 30 minutes or less, try the traditional quesadilla. Created in Mexico, this fun, easy meal will become a favorite in many households. The smell of vegetables, cheese, and chicken are intoxicating. Your family will come running when they smell this meal cooking.
Quesadillas are a meal the whole family can pitch in to make. Adults can cook the quesadillas on the stove or grill while kids can help cut up vegetables. Cooking with your children is …

Food Posts

2 Simple Recipes For You

Making the change to a rawist lifestyle can be intimidating to a beginner that is caught between really wanting to improve his/her health, but may be having doubts that they can actually live this way effectively. Well, as a former beginner rawist, I can certainly sympathize, so I thought of a couple really easy and tasty recipes that will help to calm down even the most hesitant beginner rawist and help to launch them into this great lifestyle successfully.

The first recipe involves sprouts which are a great protein source …