A special dinner or gathering usually involves serving wine. There are so many varieties of wine available today; it is difficult to know which wine to choose for most of us. The basic rule of thumb is to choose a wine that goes well with the food dish that will be served. Unless you are a wine connoisseur, you may be interested in some tips to help you the next time you find yourself trying to decide which wine to buy.
It is important to know the regions where wines come from. This is because wine from a specific region will usually go well with the type of food that region is known for as well. Thus, when picking a wine, if you know the region of its origin, you can know what types of food to serve. The most well known winemaking regions are the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Chile and Australia.

Fermenting grapes makes wine; therefore the type of grape used in making the wine is important. Each kind of grape adds it’s own unique flavor to wine and certain flavors are more suitable than others for certain occasions.

Red Wines

Rich red wines are made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Cabernet Sauvignon wine goes best with rich and heavy foods. A milder red wine is the wine made from the Pinot Noir grapes. PinotNoir wines go well with salmon, swordfish, lamb and roast beef. Food that is simple, rich, and not too spicy is best suited when serving a Pinot Noir wine.

A light red wine favored by many is the Merlot, which is made with the Merlot grape. Merlot goes well with a variety of food as beef, lamb, pasta, and even heavier seafood dishes.

White Wines

Chardonnay grapes used in the Chardonnay wines produce a dry, somewhat apple-tasting wine. Poultry and fish dishes complement chardonnay. A crisp white wine is the Sauvignon Blanc, made with the grapes of the same name. The Sauvignon Blanc goes well with appetizers; vegetable dishes salads and fish dishes.

Rose Wines

The wines that are rose-colored, or have a “blush” color to them are the Rose wines. Often times these are considered a summer time wine, and best served chilled. The rose or blush wine is from red grapes that did not ferment very long, so as not to have the darker color of red wines. The White Zinfandel is a blush wine that is often served at gatherings like brunches and barbecues in summer. Poultry seafood and spicy dishes go well with this type of wine.

Wine can be a complex subject, and one that experts can spend countless hours on. There are so many varieties and tastes, and wine vineyards to learn about, that the word “daunting” comes to mind. But it appears to be an enjoyable and rewarding adventure to go on as well. The general consensus seems to be that if you have the desire to be a wine connoisseur, the first step should be in visiting wine vineyards and do some wine tasting. The Internet can provide all the information on wineries and wine tasting tours. And this kind of adventure can be made into a fun getaway weekend for some couples as well!

But for the more casual wine drinker, a visit to the local market can be sufficient. Read the labels, and pick a wine that appeals to you. Be it fruity and light, or dry and oak tasting, wine is always best when served with good friends and family.

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