Songs certainly do have power, sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it’s bad. Do you listen to the musical choices that your children make? Today there are so many options to choose from. There are those with instruments and those without. In particular the production of popular songs which is a booming multimillion dollar business. The variety’s are endless there is rock, folk rock, hard rock, jazz, and blues just to name a few.

Religious themes have even played a role in a lot of the songs that young teenagers sing. Of course this depends greatly on their upbringing and of course the family’s lifestyle. Parents if you really want to know what your kids think of war, drugs, sex, just take a moment and listen to some of the songs they sing. These songwriters give kids exactly what they think they want, sex, drugs, money, and rebellion. Just think about it what is the dominate theme of most of the popular songs today. If you really listen to them the majority is about having sex, or smoking weed.

Some of the most popular songs include words like, watch me get up on it, touch me there, hit the right spot. Everyone knows exactly what they are talking about in these songs. But the problem is that the people who write them don’t really think about the consequences to kids, they are just thinking about how much money they can make. Drug abuse is also the main theme of many of the popular rap songs.

They talk about payback, and wasting your life away. Is this really the type of songs that you want your kids singing? Many parents feel, that it is just the generation and they have to be allowed to listen to something, there’s no real harm. But there is. One thing that it teaches our kids is to rebel against their parents. There is even a song titled rebel.

Many people don’t realize how powerful music is. It affects both the mind and the heart. There really is a lot of emotion involved in music. Of course you hear this type of music no matter where you go. But that does not mean that you have to listen to or purchase it. There are good wholesome songs available, and these are the ones that are ok for your children to listen to. If they don’t like it too bad, it is your house.

Just make it very clear that certain type of music is not allowed in your house. They will probably still be able to listen to it at school or at a friend’s house, but by not listing all the time it will make a difference. There are plenty of songs that have noble, idealistic sentiments that the entire family can enjoy.

It is a lot of work being a parent, and takes a lot of effort to make sure that your children are not overly influenced by the wrong thing. But I believe that in the long run, the effort will be worth it. When they are young of course choosing their music may make you the enemy. But as they grow older and begin to make more of their own decisions they will realize that you were right. Well that is what most parents hope anyway. There are no guarantees that by screening what your child listens to you will prevent them from heading down the wrong road in life, but it can’t hurt to try.

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