Hello there! Today I am going to give you some top secret tips, about what is going on behind the bars in restaurants. I would prefer it if you kept quiet about it since I don’t share this with everyone, however, I have received this question a lot recently, which coffee is the best to drink in the restaurant.

While I can’t possibly choose just one since I personally use my favorite pod coffee machine at my house, i can’t go on with my life with just one of them I will recommend a few of our favorite, most popular, and special coffee drinks. Shall we?

First off I have to talk about our delicious espresso. If I had to choose just one of these it would be the espresso without any doubt, this nectar of the gods is just excellent in every way. The process starts at the bean selection, our partners deliver the specialty 100 percent pure Arabica beans that are selected specifically from farms in Africa and Arabia.

These beans are dark roasted and deliver a perfect aroma and taste to the mouth, which is super complex and has hints of chocolate and dates, with a bit of bite to it. Then your barista will brew it to perfection in quick succession and you can enjoy your espresso to the maximum. As the Italians say it there is no specific time to drink espresso, it is a coffee drink for all occasions and all times, especially after meals.

If you are not in the mood for a strong shot of espresso, but not quite ready for a flat white or a macchiato, I would suggest you try a cortado. This milky coffee drink has its origins in Spain, and if you have visited or plan to visit Spain, you will see the locals drinking this in every restaurant and coffee shop.

However, some confuse it with a Flat White or even macchiato in some instances, and while you may find differences in various places, we like to use a ratio of 1 part bitter espresso with hints of citrus with 1 part of perfectly steamed milk.

When I say steamed you won’t notice the thickness or creaminess, just a lightly frothed milk to soften the blow of the coffee. The perfect afternoon drink definitely would recommend to try it after a siesta, to go full Spanish.

If you want a bit of refreshment in hot summer days, I have just one suggestion to make, a cold brew coffee to take away the heat and exhaustion of everyday life.

Unlike your other types of coffee drinks, a cold brew is prepared at least 6 hours before it is served to you, and also cold brew coffee is always higher in caffeine content, meaning that it has more kick to it. It is prepared by steeping the all-natural 100 percent arabica beans that are grown in a high altitude under the shade, and then ground coarsely and steeped in room temperature water for a long period of time. After that, your favorite barista will serve it to you so you can enjoy this heavenly drink.

I hope that you have a nice idea now as to what to order next time you are around. Hope to see you around.

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